Multifunctional Magic Wrench ™
Multifunctional Magic Wrench ™
Multifunctional Magic Wrench ™
Multifunctional Magic Wrench ™
Multifunctional Magic Wrench ™
Multifunctional Magic Wrench ™

Multifunctional Magic Wrench ™

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Magic Wrench™ will save you money, time and space as it's the only tool, that you'll need for the rest of your life

The Magic Wrench uses an innovative new design for tightening or loosening nuts, bolts, pipes, etc. in any shape or condition.  With its double jaws design on both ends of the tool, it fits nuts and bolts anywhere between 9 – 45mm.  Its ergonomic design allows you to work in narrow spaces.  Magic Wrench is completely versatile and can be used for DIY (Do-It-Yourself), industrial or professional use.


√ Unique design structure - This is a multi-function self-adjusting double-headed ratchet wrench. Because the hook has a springit can hold the nut more firmly. The hardness of the wrench teeth is heat treatment.

√ Double-head design, two sizes - The double-head design of this magic wrench provides convenience for everyone. 2 different specifications: 9~24mm and 24~45mm can meet the needs of a wider range of applications.

Adjustable Multi-function Wrench
√ Protective nut: the crescent-shaped opening of this magic wrench can operate up to 30 degrees in a narrow space compared to a normal wrench. In the case of looseness or tightening, it can simultaneously apply maximum strength force and torque and protect the nut surface.

√ Scope - Adjustable Multi-function Wrench is suitable for clamping and loosening pipes and fasteners of various shapes, such as hexagons, squares, triangles, round nuts, bolts, iron pipes, steel pipes, plastic pipes, faucets.

It can be used by professional and novice users in the office, home outdoor gardens and garages for DIY industrial plumbing engineering carpentry and mechanical tasks. It is also suitable for the maintenance of bicycles, cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

The wrench is made of high carbon steel. It has a durable rust-proof chrome body, a non-slip handle, and a stainless steel finish.


  • 620 degrees hardened high carbon steel
  • 7 layer design
  • Double jaws design
  • Length: 290mm
  • Width: 55mm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Available Sizes: 9mm~45mm
  • Steel plate springs (stronger and more durable than coil springs)